Ghasr Monshi Hotel Rooms and Suites

The architecture of Ghasr Monshi Hotel is in the form of “Godal Baghche” which means each floor includes a private courtyard. The rooms of Ghasr Monshi Hotel are located on the ground floor, negative 1st floor and negative 2nd floor.
To book a room or suite at Qasr Monshi Hotel and experience staying in this historical house, you can see the information and details about the rooms below.

بوتیک هتل قصرمنشی اصفهان
Dear guests, the details of the rooms are listed below, you can choose the desired room after viewing the details.
رزرو اتاق اینه هتل قصرمنشی

Mirror Room

The mirror room of Ghasr Monshi Hotel is a registered national heritage from the Qajar era, where you can travel back in time. Its mirror work, plasterwork and paintings are reminiscent of the most luxurious palaces and historical places in Iran. Its southern orientation and the presence of full-length windows overlooking the courtyard bring pleasant lighting during the day and provide a poetic atmosphere at night with the reflection of the moonlight in the mirrors of the room.
The mirror room has been welcoming young couples for a long time and it is said that royal brides and grooms took their oaths and started their lives in this room. This room is equipped with a double bed (queen size) and provides you with a memorable stay with VIP facilities.

Delneshin Suite

The cozy suite, reminiscent of old Iranian cellars, provides a peaceful and memorable stay for 4 guests in a completely traditional atmosphere. Cellars are the solution of our ancestors to escape from summer heat and winter cold, which are an inseparable part of traditional houses. The pleasant suite with an area of 72 meters is divided into two separate parts with the help of columns. The presence of a small stone pond in the middle, traditional furniture and dining table along with the beautiful architecture of the room brings a combination of comfort and originality.
رزرو سوئیت دلنشین هتل قصرمنشی
رزرو بوتیک هتل قصرمنشی اتاق صفوی

Safavid Room

The Safavi room is one of the VIP rooms of the complex, which overlooks the courtyard, and the southern aspect of the room and the presence of full-length windows provide pleasant lighting. Delicate plastering and mirror work throughout the room and stylish and comfortable furniture double its beauty. With the benefit of two large beds (California King Size) (which can be arranged as double or twin according to your request) and the possibility of providing extra bedding, the Safavi room can accommodate up to 3 guests.

Afshariyeh Room

Afsharieh room is one of the VIP rooms of the complex, which, in addition to its luxurious mirror work and plastering, the presence of a beautiful stone bathtub has given this room a special glory. The presence of skylights on the ceiling of the room next to the windows provides pleasant lighting. With VIP facilities and a King Size bed, this room provides a luxurious stay for two people.
هتل قصرمنشی اصفهان اتاق افشاریه
رزرو هتل قصرمنشی

Qajar Room

It is one of the most special VIP rooms of Ghasr Monshi Hotel, in addition to beautiful decorations and mirror work, beautiful and eye-catching paintings are also engraved on the walls of this room, and the brickwork on one side of the room doubles its beauty. .

Zandiye Room

The beautiful plastering and mirror work of the room, the benefit of king size beds, comfortable furniture, the possibility of providing additional sleeping services, the presence of a window facing the garden on the lower floor and other VIP facilities make this room one of the luxurious rooms of the collection. transforms and provides a memorable stay for up to 3 guests.
رزرو بوتیک هتل قصرمنشی اصفهان
بوتیک هتل قصرمنشی

Double Room

Double rooms can be arranged with one double bed (King Size Bed) or two single beds (twin size bed) according to guests’ request. This room can easily accommodate 2 people. Inside the room, guests can have access to a private toilet and bathroom.
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