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Ghasr Monshi Hotel

A historical Persian Palace, dating back to the Safavid Dynasty. guests will experience accommodation in an old palace, while enjoying modern amenities, for a comfortable and convenient stay in Isfahan. It is conveniently located 450 meters from Naqshe Jahan Square, which is the most visited attraction in Isfahan, as it houses magnificent palaces and mosques, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We enjoy greeting guests with a ‘Bonjour’ every morning and host an excellent and extensive breakfast so our guests can start a beautiful day in Isfahan. We also host dinners that allow guests to taste many of “Grandma” favored home-made dishes, less offered in typical restaurants. Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel invites you to enjoy a comfortable stay, in an old Palace that resembles the treasures remaining from the Safavid Dynasty, yet enjoying artistic elements from the Qajar Dynasty era.
رزرو هتل سنتی اصفهان
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So long ago in Persia, Experience it now!

The experience of living in Ghasr Monshi is enriched by tasting authentic flavors from Isfahan and Iran. Shahneshin, or the “King’s Hall”, and the central courtyard are dedicated to hosting guests and serving delicious meals and snacks. This Haftdari Hall of the hotel is full of color and catches sunshine all day long, with a full view of the garden. Guests are invited to enjoy breakfast and dinner in this beautiful hall and in a garden surrounded by numerous plants and flowers that bring joy and life to a historical ambiance.
شاه نشین هتل قصرمنشی
هتل قصرمنشی اتاق اینه و شاه نشین
Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel has stories that are mentioned in various books, stories that are fascinating to hear. These stories, along with other untold stories from Isfahan, will surely take guests through history. Qajar and Safavid art and culture will surprise and amaze guests, as how our ancestors’ sophisticated vision worked to provide comfort centuries ago.

Traditional Hamam

Hamam & Spa

Experience deep relaxation
For a long time, Persian Hamams were bath houses where women or men gathered to clean bodies and souls. Inspired by the rich Iranian culture, Ghasr Momshi Hamam has gathered a unique and artistic collection of elements of the Iranian Hamam, or bathhouse, to create moments full of peace and joy that will last in the minds of the guests. The pleasant and eye-catching environment of Ghasr Monshi Hamam will provide extraordinary feelings of comfort, peace, and surprise to all guests.
گرمابه سنتی در اصفهان
Traditional Hamam
Exclusive Spa

A memorable stay

Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the old town of Isfahan. Its close proximity to Naqsh Jahan Square has provided a special position for guests in terms of accessibility. This position is such that after only 8 minutes of walking through the Hassan Abad bazaar, the glory of Naqsh Jahan Square will appear before your eyes. The presence of artists and craftsmen in handicraft workshops throughout this route, which is one of the most important axes of old Isfahan, along with a number of lesser-known places, doubles the attraction of this route for tourists.
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